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Communicate digitally through virtual meeting rooms

The virtual meeting room of the future

Communicate with Countries, Cities and offices through virtual meetings. With cloud based solutions everyone is able to participate in the virtual meeting, wherever they are.

A complete digital conference solution for informative-, educational- or commercial conference.

Lower the travel costs and encourage collaborations between departments, groups and customer meetings.

Poppy Meet Smart Office

Your own

meeting room

With PLAY-OUT's Virtual Meeting you will get your very own virtual meeting room. All you need is a modern browser and internet access to get started! 


Interactive Whiteboard with touch

Bring your interactive whiteboard to your meeting so everyone there can collaborate on it or share other information. when the meetings done it’s saved and easy to share with all participants.

Interactive whiteboard Poppy Meet Smart Office
Modern meeting Poppy Meet Smart Office

Modernize your meeting solution

PLAY-OUT's Virtual Meeting platform is compatible with desktops, conference rooms or on mobile devices. A powerful tool that helps make a successful meeting each and every time.

Share and play videos with complete audio and video transmission without uploading the contents. Use virtual backgrounds to improve the ambience during discussions.

Make notes or write directly on the document so the other participants can see the change. Chat with everybody in the call.

Digital meeting room
whiteboard icon.png

Digital whiteboard

Draw on a picture of write notes in a document.

share hdmi icon.png

Share content

Connect to a new computer with a HDMI-cable to share the contents.

videomeet icon.png

Virtuellt möte

Virtuellt videomöte med andra deltagare. Deltagare kan delta från en dator eller en mobilenhet.

screencast icon.png


Koppla in en annan dator med trådlös delning för att kunna visa upp datorns innehåll.

videomeet icon.png

Virtual meeting

A virtual video meeting with other participant, join with either a computer of a mobil unit.

screencast icon.png


Connect another computer with wireless sharing to share to contents.

Virtual Meeting Room
A digital meeting with a push on a button

Poppy Meet Smart Office


is key

With the Virtual Meeting it’s easy to perform a local meet all the way up to a global meeting.

Just push a button to start it. Use the whiteboard function with a white background or just draw on a picture or write in a document, Connect yourself to a virtual meeting with other participants. connect an external computer to show and share the screens contents with the others who are participating.

A good security setting which let’s you have a meeting without interference.

Included in the prize without additional costs


Meeting room
Create virtual and interactive meeting at a distance on in a meeting room.


Room Booking
A room booking system for your workplace. Book a room on a screen of another digital unit.


Digital Signage
Information System for sharing picture, video or URL to screens throughout the entire office.

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