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Create Virtual Machines

from Physical Machines

Get a better overview and increase your efficiency!

By creating virtual machines from physical machines, one achieves improved efficiency, reduced downtime, better monitoring, cost savings and performance optimization.


PLAY-OUT's STREAM ENGINE and PLAY-OUT Converter enable all types of industries to digitize their process and create virtual machines from physical machines.

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Visualization and remote-controlled machines

PLAY-OUT's STREAM ENGINE and PLAY-OUT Converter technology make it possible to mirror a machine's interface in real time. An innovative solution with several unique functions.


  • AI Monitoring enables machine alarms, operation monitoring, machine follow-up to multiple users in real time


  • Image Analysis creates machine data from the machine's interface with automatic AI functions. 

  •  Multiview allows multiple users in different locations and with different networks to monitor machines remotely


  • Tele-Operations enables remote control of the machine from a global distance.

How it works!



PLAY-OUT's Converter connects to the physical machine via USB without physical installation of software. PLAY-OUT Converter mirrors the machine interface and forwards the signal to PLAY-OUT's STREAM ENGINE.


PLAY-OUT Converter receives and forwards keyboard and mouse signals to the physical machine.



The PLAY-OUT Stream Engine collects information, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes the physical machine.


The PLAY-OUT Stream Engine creates a virtual machine that distributes and publishes information to connected global external devices.



The physical machine is visualized and monitored in real time. In the event of an incident or deviation, the system alerts immediately and the user can perform a remote action.


The "brain" of the system

The PLAY-OUT HUB is the system's local brain, a completely self-contained solution that uses edge computing technology to collect information, monitor, analyze and visualize the physical machine.

You easily access the PLAY-OUT HUB via the PLAY-OUT Master Control cloud service where you monitor the physical machine, change values, and can perform a remote operation on the physical machine.


PLAY-OUT HUB is a packaged all in one solution, is easy to install, easy to commission and comes with pre-installed components such as:


  • PLAY-OUT Master Control SaaS cloud service

  • PLAY-OUT SaaS software PLAY-OUT Stream Engine


  • PLAY-OUT Converter

  • PLAY-OUT Mobile Router (SIM card extra)

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