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About us

PLAY-OUT is a product company with a unique Information & Visualization system for industries, property owners, public sector, civil & military defense. The system increases the customer's ability to quickly detect problems, redirect resources, avoid costly downtime, and reduce the risk of damage to equipment or personnel.

With PLAY-OUT Information & Visualization system, it is possible to monitor and control resources such as machines, vehicles, production sites, get an overview in real time, correct deviations, collaboration between users, and remotely control the resources from anywhere in the world, with the highest security and encrypted data communication.

The solution makes it possible to go from a local digitization to a global digitization, which means that you can monitor, fix, and control the digitization process and thus create an overall global level in your value creation process.

We were invented in Sweden and are "Made in Sweden". We have our own developed, commercialized, proprietary software architecture with our own innovative Edge Micro Cloud technology that makes us completely independent from other software providers. We also offer On-premises where the platform with apps runs entirely in the customer's own IT structure.

PLAY-OUT Information & Visualization System provides the end customer with a future-proof solution that is flexible, cost-effective, independent of other technologies or proprietary solutions, open to other systems, scalable to grow with customer needs.

Our history


Our journey begins 2005 with one of the largest industrial company in the world. We were assigned to build a solution which became the foundation for our technology and platform. Our solution had four criteria to uphold, Standard, Flexible, Scalable and Repeatable.


An industry standard that is available in the long term, built upon standard technology. Different software to be able to be flexible and meet any demands from the customer. A scalable solution to facilitate growth on demand from the costumer. Repeatable to minimize project- and development costs.


A unique Information & Visualization system that enables all industries to digitize their process and create virtual things from physical things and to solve the integration between the physical world and the virtual world.

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