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Unlimited information.

Unlimited possibilities

There is a virtual world consisting of information from the physical world. A world where limitless information creates limitless possibilities.


A world connected by radio waves and fiber optic cables where limitless information improves lives, redefines business, creates security and paves the way for a sustainable future. This virtual world is the "information planet".

What is the information planet?

PLAY-OUTs information planet consists of several systems and services that collect information, store information, process information, distribute information, publish information, share information, control information, and enable information collaboration.


The system uses a decentralized Edge Micro Cloud technology for a more efficient, cost saving, low latency, and secured information process.

Parallel Lines

A system of systems for Information & Visualization

Information Transfer

Information Storage

Information Collection

Information Processing

Information Collaboration

Information Sharing

Information Publishing

Information Feedback

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Decentralized Edge Micro Cloud technology for a more efficient system


Every source of information sends their information to PLAY-OUT Stream Engine


The PLAY-OUT Stream Engine collects information, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes. Predetermined rules, setpoints and scenarios determine what will happen. In the event of an incident or deviation, the system automatically remediates and notifies the user of the current deviation.

From the PLAY-OUT Stream Engine, distributed and published information is further distributed to connected global external devices.


All information sources are visualized and monitored in real time. In the event of an incident or deviation, the system alerts immediately and the user can perform a remote action.

Harnessing information to transform agility and decision-making.

Harness Data

to Information

Make Sense

of Information

Distribute & Publish

the Information

Respond & Decision

from Information

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Virtual control room
enables digital backbone

By connecting all information, control rooms and systems into a common virtual control room, different community services can collaborate in a completely new way through the exchange of information.


In the event of a crisis, decision-makers can get a quick overview of various events and base their decisions on updated facts from all social systems at the same time, efficiently allocate resources and provide accurate and up-to-date information to the media and citizens.

The virtual control room enables a multi-level governance model that paves the way for the digital backbone where different community services and the private sector can collaborate in a completely new way.


Through increased collaboration and information sharing, we can increase society's resilience. Which is its ability to anticipate, endure and recover from unpredictable events.

The value creation flow

For all industries, the business benefit of a common situational picture and real-time overview is the same. To create a value creation flow.


With PLAY-OUTs information planet, several business-critical decisions can be minimized which paves the way for a better process:


  • Minimized risk of misunderstandings and wrong decisions – from project development to operation

  • Improved cooperation between internal and external actors

  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity

  • Optimized use of resources

  • Cost effective maintenance

  • Efficient and quality-assured data acquisition – from the field to the office

Unlimited information.

Unlimited possibilities. 

PLAY-OUT's information planet creates new opportunities for a digital infrastructure. A system of systems that enables information management and that creates a digital bridge between man and machine. Ready to meet new needs and opportunities for information and visualization.


PLAY-OUT's information planet is a complete modular system with various SaaS services. Created to create flexible mission-critical information solutions for industries.


  • PLAY-OUT: Information System

  • PLAY-OUT: Visualization System

  • PLAY-OUT: Content Management System

  • PLAY-OUT: Sharing & Collaboration System

  • PLAY-OUT: Control & Monitoring System

  • PLAY-OUT: Display Management System

  • PLAY-OUT: User & Asset Management System

  • PLAY-OUT: Information Storage & Format System

  • PLAY-OUT: IP Communication Signal Server

  • PLAY-OUT: Meeting & Streaming Server

  • PLAY-OUT: Stream Engine Client SW for information & machine visualization

  • PLAY-OUT: Display Engine Client SW for information & display visualization

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