Monitoring & Control System
for IP Devices & Applications

Device Server

Device Server communicate with Master Control, IP Devices and Applications over IP. Infrastructure
for a global network setup can be different for a local branch.

Control Commands & Monitoring

Control Commands

Activation for a control commands are done in three steps.
Step one, the operator activates a control command via Master Control.
Step two, Master Control send the command to Device Server.
Step three, Device Server send the command to an IP Device or application.
To perform this action takes less than a second of delay.


Device Server collect each IP Device and application about actually status,
this data gets collected and sent to Master Control. Status data can be send
in periods of ten second to sixty seconds.



Status of individual IP Devcie like screen on / off, display resolution, power status, power temperature, and more can be monitored and reported.

Pre-Made Control Command

No programming skills is needed, all control commands is premade to be used with the most common display manufacturers like NEC, Samsung, LG.


The Watchdog function will automatically restart an application if: no responds, Ping - Pong tracking, user close app, restart on recoverable.

Status Image

Desktop image or live image from display screen is stored in Device Server and broadcasted to Master Control 365.


Schedule a single or group command to be set in the days and time periods. Schedule list are locally stored in Device Server.

Control Commands

A group command can be sent to all IP Devicer in a group. For exemple “ON” / OFF.

Operating Mode

Operation mode can be set for stand alone mode or online mode. With login mode will IP Device sign in direct to a group in Master Control.


It is possible to place Device Server within a firewall. Local network settings such as ports can be set.

E-Mail Message

Email function to send info for start, stop, track interval, track client, register info and debug info.

Local Server

Device Server is local server that communicate with IP device and applications in a local network.

Automatic Restart Screen

Automatic functions for monitoring IP Device and application can be used An application will be restarted if it stops or crash. If a screen turns OFF will it be turn ON again.

PC Commandss

PC commands for reboot or shutdown can be activated remotely from Master Control.

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